For All Age Group At All Levels

Let’s Create your First Song From start to finish

  • Grade Preparations


Piano Lessons

  • Music Theory Lessons

  • Music Production using Logic Pro X

(ABRSM, Trinity, Rock & POP, London school of music)

(Recording, Mixing, Mastering)


"I am impressed by Rish’s unique way of teaching kid's piano. His teaching method is thorough and instructive, which helps build a solid foundation for kids to develop their interests and skills in playing piano."

"I have known Rish for a very short time, nevertheless he has proved to be very diligent, attentive and assertive when teaching my 6-year-old piano lessons. He pays attention to detail and takes his time in explaining complex elements. My daughter loves Rish as her teacher and is always looking forward to her next lesson."

“Rish is an excellent piano teacher to my little chatterbox (6y). He is patient and understanding of her abilities, while still making the lessons fun and engaging. It can be hard work to keep the interest of a young active child over a continuous period but he is doing it well. My daughter loves her lessons. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”



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